Conducting business is not just about making money.

It’s the exercise of personal beliefs.


  1.     To become an International Major Player in Environmental and Social Friendly Industry;
  2.     To become one of International Companies that promote Green Living as the only way to live and not just as a life style;
  3.     To be largely acknowledged as the Company that shows mutual relationship among its economic activities, environment, and human.


  1.     Produce economical and technology proven products that aim to reduce the use of non-renewable or fossil fuels-based energy as well as to improve the quality of air, water and soil;
  2.     Secure business relationships with top-notch companies, small and medium business enterprises, government agencies, and individuals with values.
  3.     Provide excellent services to all customers, which include consultations, after sales warranty, technical supports, and staff trainings;
  4.     Secure mutual and strong relationship with government, raw material suppliers, technology providers, employees, research institutions, and civil society.
  5.     Promote a safe and warm working environment that induces creativity and inquiry for innovations;