Lihat greenstar artek di peta yang lebih besar

PT Greenstar Artek Indonesia

at Rumah Abdul Majid (Eco House)/Green Artspace

Jalan Abdul Majid Raya No. 46A

Cipete, Jakarta 12410, Indonesia

Phone/Fax +62 21 769 2778

E-mail: contact@greenstar-artek.com

Website: www.greenstar-artek.com


Getting to PT Greenstar Artek Indonesia/Green Artspace

PT GAI is located at an eco house called Rumah Abdul Majid at Jl. Abdul Majid Raya No. 46A, between Jl. Fatmawati and Jl. Pangeran Antasari in Cipete area, South Jakarta.The office is also the location of Green Artspace and exactly situated at the junction between Abdul Majid Raya Street and Haji Ji’an Street.

By bus

Take the green and white coloured minibus Kopaja No 605 either from Blok M Terminal or from Kampung Rambutan terminal. Do not aboard Kopaja Bus No 605A. Get off at Abdul Majid Raya Street right in front of PT GAI/Green Artspace. When you want to get off, you say “kiri,” which means “left,” and the driver pulls over.

By angkot

Angkot is a common mode of public transports in most big cities in Indonesia in the form of privately-owned minivans. “Angkot” stands for “Angkutan Kota”, which means city transports. Angkot usually can fit twelve people in the back seat and one in the front (excluding the driver).  People in the back seat are facing each other. Six people on the right side and four on the left side. And most of the time, two more passengers will squeeze themselves in just beside the side door, which is never closed. If you are somewhere between Blok M Terminal, Cilandak Town Square (CITOS) and Pondok Labu area in South Jakarta, you can take Angkot No S01 in red colour and get off right in front of PT GAI/Green Artspace at Jalan Abdul Majid Raya. Just like in any other public transports in Indonesia, you say “kiri” when you what to alight from an angkot.

By taxi

Hail a taxi, preferably from a reputable taxi company and ask to go to Jalan Abdul Majid Raya in Cipete area, near Jalan Antasari and Jalan Fatmawati. If necessary, write down the address and show it to the driver.